NBE upholds its active role in the field of Regional Development in Macedonia


With the support of GIZ RED as a contractor of the activities, NBE member, MBA Todor Milchevski, will hold 9 one-day trainings entitled “Introduction to regional development and regional management” in all 8 planning regions in Macedonia. The trainings have commenced in late June and will continue to be organized in the first half of July. The target groups of the trainings are the presidents or representatives of the municipal councils and coordinators of the different councilor groups in the municipalities in each of the 8 planning regions.

The trainings will cover the following topics: the basics of regional development (and its connection to the rural development), the institutional framework for regional development, management of regional networks, regional management and marketing, economic promotion, and a presentation of the available EU Programmes and funds intended for projects in the field of regional development.

The purpose of the trainings is to add value to the capacity building process of the participants in order to increase their decision-making skills concerning regional projects.