Successfully Completed Final Monitoring of the Project "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government"


New Business Education (NBE) Foundation on the 25th March succesfully completed the external monitoring of the project "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government", part of the CIVICA Mobilitas programme, implemented by CIRa and supported by SDC. All project activities were succesfully implemented in accordance with the project timeline, and all expected results were achieved as planned.

The project commenced with its implementation on the 1st January 2013, and lasted until 31st January 2014. It was composed of three main activities:

Activity 1: Conducting Thermographic Studies for 20 municipalities on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, including thermographic pictures and analysis of all public objects in each municipality. During the implementation of this activity a total of 143 settlements were visited, and 235 public objects were recorded.

Activity 2: Preparation of Programmes for Energy Efficiency of the municipalities - as part of this activity a total of three Programmes and accompanying Action Plans for three different municipalities were prepared. This provided an enormous support for the municipalities in their quest to improve the implementation of energy efficient projects in the future.

Activity 3: A Report from the Monitoring of the Implementation of the Activities foreseen with the Programmes for Energy Efficiency and Annual Action Plans of the Municipalities - a publication in collaboration with experts from the Energy Agency of Republic of Macedonia was written and published, offering an overview of the current stage of implementation of energy efficient projects in 33 municipalities that are officially implementing the Programmes for Energy Efficiency.

The project was finalized with an event, which included all relevant stakeholders from the municipalities and other interested parties in the field of energy efficiency, on which the project results were presented and ideas and opinions exchanged among the participants.

NBE would like to congratulate the project team for the succesful implementation of the project, and CIRa for offering continuous support, flexibility and prompt responses to any issues that arose during the project implementation. With this project succesfully incorporated in NBE's portfolio, NBE continues to build its reputation as one of the leading NGO's in the field of energy efficiency in Republic of Macedonia.