Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means providing the same service with the usage of less energy. While the demand for energy is constantly increasing, scarcity of energy – producing elements is a rising problem. Energy efficiency offers a powerful and cost-effective tool for achieving sustainable growth.

Reducing energy consumption and eliminating energy wastage are among the main goals of the European Union (EU). At the end of 2006, the EU pledged to cut its annual consumption of primary energy by 20% by 2020.

New Business Education (NBE) is an active promoter of energy efficiency in Republic of Macedonia. The main goal is to support the public and the private sector on the path of sustainability, and to provide help to the citizens in a joined effort to comply with the rules set by the EU.

NBE has participated in numerous trainings, and roundtables in order to introduce the attendants to the basic concept of energy efficiency, pointing out that it is not only a rule that has to be implemented, but it is a step forward for a better future for the younger generations. NBE has organized workshops, in many regions in Macedonia with the goal of recognizing the energy potential each region possesses, and the capabilities and necessary funds needed to implement the projects. It has introduced its clients with a number of project proposal opportunities that offer excellent terms. Furthermore, NBE provides technical support to its clients in a form of preparing feasibility studies, consultancy services, plan of activities etc. Through the feasibility studies, the support of educational activities, and the offer for technical assistance, New Business Foundation not only encourages energy efficiency promotion, but also transfers this knowledge on the field, where it participates in the completion of numerous public projects, with the vision of not only providing better conditions for the young generations, but also improving the living standard. The activity plans, that are created for the clients offer a clear process that need to be followed in order to achieve greater energy efficiency, and sustainability on the long run.

NBE’s vision is a futuristic one. Creating a better world for everyone is the main goal the organization is striving for. Energy efficiency is the clear way forward in this direction, so it is one of the main programmatic areas of this organization.