NBE continues with its support for high-school graduates in the field of Entrepreneurship


As part of the project Creative Business Plan for Successful Entrepreneurs, NBE commences with the organization of two three-day workshops which will be conducted on the 4th-6th November and 11th-13th November. The workshops will take place at the premises of the Integrated Business Faculty. Fourth-year high-school students from several high-schools in Skopje will participate in these workshops, during which they will enrich their knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and business plan writing, as well as share ideas and experiences among themselves.

The project Creative Business Plan for Successful Entrepreneurs is supported and co-funded by the City of Skopje, and it is a follow-up of NBE last year’s project Business plan as the road map to success. These projects are a part of the financing and support programs of the City of Skopje’s Sector for Education, with the goal of educating and training high school students in order to improve their skills and knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship.