General Info


Our Mission:

Tackling the unemployment issue by encouraging and supporting the entrepreneurial sector, provide balanced regional development and convergence of the regions and enrich the society’s knowledge about energy efficiency.

Our Vision:

Creating a dynamic civil society, by enforcing activities and influencing policies for economic growth and sustainable development.

Quality Policy:

The New Business Education (NBE) foundation is committed to operating its accreditation programs, related services and other services in compliance with ISO/IEC Standard 17011, national and international conformity assessment requirements and the needs and requirements of its customers. Through regular internal audits, management reviews, customer surveys and other relevant measures, NBE will strive to maintain a consistent culture of quality, professionalism and competence.

Our Values :

• Impartiality and reliabiltiy

• Innovation

• Confidentiality

• Cooperation with stakeholders

• Adherence to ethics

• Results-orientation

• International recognition

• Expertise and competence.

The New Business Education (NBE) foundation works on promoting new business, management skills, knowledge, accreditation, standardization and natural life for the young generations of entrepreneurs and managers in the Republic of Macedonia. Lead by a young, energetic and skilled group of people, NBE is an activist in tackling everyday social issues in Republic of Macedonia.

NBE’s main focus is on promoting and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit and identifying SME’s as a major forward economic driver. NBE has successfully participated in numerous projects, and implemented activities concerning local and regional development, as well as energy efficiency, waste management, production of standards and accreditation.

Through its everyday growing relations with domestic and foreign partnering NGO organizations, NBE shares knowledge and experiences and aspires to become a leader of changes in the region. In this respect we welcome any collaboration offers from NGO’s for partnering opportunities in one of the NBE programmatic areas.

NBE’s flagship program is the Integrated Business Faculty (IBF), a higher education institution dedicated to promoting excellence and innovation in business teaching in Macedonia. The IBF has 20 academic staff and serves around 600 students each year.

In addition, the NBE runs various educational and operational programs aiming to address some of the most critical challenges facing the Macedonian business community and its society overall. NBE holds a diverse portfolio of clients composed of members from the: public sector, private sector, the NGO sector, and individual clients who are interested in participating in the offered trainings and courses.

NBE is a partner of i-NAF (International Natural Accreditation Forum) and NSO (International Organization for Natural Standardization) organizations.

The head office of the NBE is in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

Organization Structure