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Accreditation and international recognition programs

Standard Development

Production of product and management system standards for natural life

University Educations

Economics, Business Administration, Financial Management And Business Economy undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education programs

Scientific researches

Scientific researching in the field of economics, business and management.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Social problems and Encouragement projects of entrepreneurship and management skills of youngs.


Seminars, courses, workshops and congress organizations


Public and private sector cooperation

Development & Management Projects

Business development and management projects for International and European Union.


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The NBE-IBF has published the new issue of the Journal of Sustainable Development. Read the last issue of the journal.

New issue of our Sustainable Development Journal published:

The main goal of Understand the conditions of the legal and institutionalized
regulation of internal audit in the public sector.


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Campaign in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

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Recent News

World Accreditation Day (9 June 2020) #WAD2020
World Accreditation Day is a global initiative established by ILAC and IAF. This year’s theme is How Accreditation Improves Food Safety....
Training on the topic: Challenges and opportunities for strengthening women's entrepreneurship
The New Business Education Foundation from Skopje held a training on the topic: Challenges and opportunities for strengthening women's...
Training for "Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship"
We invite you to take part in the training on "Promotion and Encouragement of Women's Entrepreneurship" which will be conducted on December 23, 2019. starting at...
Successfully Completed Final Monitoring of the Project "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government"
New Business Education (NBE) Foundation on the 25th March succesfully completed the external monitoring of the project "Energy Efficient Local Self...
NBE part of a CIVICA Mobilitas networking event
MSc Martin Stojanovikj, member of New Business Education Foundation (NBE) was part of a two-day networking event that took place in hotel Drim, Struga, encompassing...
NBE organized a roundtable meeting entitled "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government"
New Business Education Foundation organized a roundtable meeting entitled "Energy Efficient Local Self-Government" at the premises of the Integrated Businss Faculty on the...
Raising the Public Awareness for Energy Efficiency at the Local Level in Macedonia
New Business Education Foundation continues its active role in raising public awareness for energy efficiency, by sharing experiences and lessons learned from the various....
Second Workshop for Writing a Business Plan Successfully Organized
A continuation of the first series of the workshops for writing a business plan was succesfully organized during 11-13 November, 2013 at the premises of the Integrated Business Faculty...
NBE organized the first of the two workshops for high-school graduates
As part of the project "Creative Business Plan for Succesful Entrepreneurs" NBE organized the first of two three-day workshops intended for high school graduates from several...
Accreditation Services

NBE Accreditation Programs

Accreditation is a way to demonstrate quality and competence. It has positive effects for authorities, purchasers, industry, manufacturers and consumers.

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We meet the needs of the public and private sector in the fields of Project.

• Sustainable economic growth
• Industry, agriculture and forestry
• Development and strengthening of businesses
• Business Development and Entrepreneurship
• Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting
• Sustainable development
• Energy efficiency, renewable energy sources
• Business Administration
• Financial management
• Banking
• Marketing
• Information systems
• HR
• Development

• Natural product standards
• Natural service standards
• Natural food standards
• Natural food halal standards
• Natural management systems standards
• Hygiene, health and safety standards, and
• Other new generation natural standards.

• Corporate strategy,
• Corporate finance, business valuation (MVA, NVA),
• Hiring and developing (HR),
• Marketing strategy,
• Developing business plans,
• Feasibility studies,
• Market analysis,
• Tax expertise,
• Banking activities.

• Conferences,
• Seminars,
• Trainings,
• Symposiums

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Everything that is for business and community benefit is our project area.

Tackling the unemployment issue by encouraging and supporting the entrepreneurial sector, provide balanced regional development and convergence of the regions and enrich the society’s knowledge about energy efficiency.

Creating a dynamic civil society, by enforcing activities and influencing policies for economic growth and sustainable development.

Impartiality and reliabiltiy,
Cooperation with stakeholders,
Adherence to ethics,
International recognition,
Expertise and competence.

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